Julie’s voice in this collection is like a clear mountain stream—cool and crisply flowing, with nothing extra. So too is her poetry: unadorned, unornamented, clear, cool, and meditative, as in her line “We look for God / at the bottom of our / coffee mugs.” Throughout Julie grapples with one of those age-old questions: “Do we think too much and not feel enough?” (“Untitled”). 
—Kevin Rabas, Watch Your Head, Poet Laureate of Kansas, 2017-2019

"You never read a more compelling account of someone dealing with (and overcoming!) disabilities and people who don’t understand." 


-Dean Bevan Professor Emeritus Of English Baker University


"Julie Unruh tells the truth on every page, no matter what. Many of these poems invoke, and evoke in the woman or girl reader, painful memories, harsh realities, fears, and daily patterns that we often tune out, are told to tune out, or try to tune out. But there is something about these poems that lifts me up, as though they are saying: You are powerful, and if you are starting to doubt that, this is why. Feel what you feel, know what you know; name it, and find your way to a place of action."


-Sherrie Tucker, Professor, American Studies, University of Kansas